Secret service assigned to Naomi Biden shot at suspected carjackers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a late-night encounter in Washington, D.C., a U.S. Secret Service agent tasked with the protection of President Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi, reportedly discharged his firearm at individuals suspected of attempting to break into a car.

The incident took place in the Georgetown area of D.C. just before the stroke of midnight on Sunday. Secret Service agents reportedly stumbled upon possibly three individuals trying to shatter the window of a vacant government vehicle, as per the statement released by the agency.

During the confrontation, a federal agent felt compelled to discharge his service weapon. The Secret Service has confirmed that, to their knowledge, no one was injured in the incident. The suspects hastily retreated from the scene in a red vehicle, leading to a regional alert being issued to all supporting units.

The agency has confirmed that no individuals under their protection were endangered during the incident. The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, in cooperation with the Secret Service, is currently investigating the incident.

The agent at the center of the incident is known to be assigned to Naomi Biden, the granddaughter of President Biden. The authorities have yet to release specific details regarding the incident.