Sex offender leaves 12 injured in acid attack

LONDON, UK – In a horrifying chemical attack in south London’s upscale Clapham neighborhood, a previously convicted sex offender is currently wanted by the police. The suspect allegedly injured a dozen individuals, including a mother left blind and her two young daughters. The suspect, bearing significant facial injuries himself, was seen on CCTV footage purchasing water in North London shortly after the incident.

Afghanistan native Abdul Shakoor Ezedi, 35, who had been granted asylum in the UK on his third application attempt, is the man law enforcement agencies believe to have perpetrated the chemical assault. The incident occurred on Wednesday night, involving what is believed to be an alkaline substance being thrown at victims.

Among those injured were a 31-year-old woman, now blind due to the assault, and her daughters, aged 3 and 8, all victims to Ezedi’s “horrific” attack, the Metropolitan Police revealed. An additional three women and a man, who tried assisting the distressed family, suffered minor burns, and five police officers were hurt onsite.

Commander Jon Savell from the Metropolitan Police, in a Friday update, disclosed that the victims’ mother had sustained life-altering injuries and was critically stable in the hospital. Her daughters were also under medical care, with non-life-threatening injuries.

Ezedi, initially denied asylum twice, finally achieved the refugee status in the UK in 2022, even after being convicted for sexual assault and exposure back in 2018. Reports indicate that a priest’s testimony of Ezedi’s conversion to Christianity played a critical role in the successful determination of his asylum request.

The suspect maintains a horrifying appearance due to significant injuries visible on the right side of his face, believed to have been acquired after the attack. He is suspected to have fled the area using the underground train system.

Although uncertain about Ezedi’s motivation behind the barbaric act, Police Superintendent Gabriel Cameron expressed unwavering confidence that the offender would soon be apprehended.