Sex worker violently beats disabled man at Las Vegas hotel

LAS VEGAS, NV – A disturbing incident unfolded in Las Vegas as an elderly man with limited mobility fell victim to a violent assault and robbery. The crime took place in his hotel room at Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

The police responded to a report of a robbery at the renowned casino last Friday, leading them to a guest room where they discovered the elderly man badly beaten and injured. The victim, who relies on a mobility scooter, revealed to the officers that he had invited a sex worker, identified as 26-year-old Napria Wilson, to his room, resulting in a brutal assault and robbery.

The victim disclosed that he had met Wilson on the casino floor and had extended an invitation to her to accompany him to his room. Once inside the room, he gave her $500 in cash for her services. However, an argument erupted when Wilson demanded the money again, claiming she had not received it. The dispute escalated into a violent attack, leaving the elderly man with severe facial injuries, including a broken face and multiple facial fractures.

Following the assault, surveillance footage revealed Wilson leaving the victim’s hotel room, entering an elevator, and departing in a taxi. Subsequently, the victim reported a loss of approximately $6,000. Further investigation included contacting the taxi company, which provided additional video evidence of Wilson in the cab, where she appeared distressed and reportedly offered the driver extra money to expedite her departure.

Wilson was apprehended outside her Henderson apartment on Wednesday, with assistance from MGM Resorts security, who matched her photo with other surveillance footage. She now faces charges of attempted murder, residential burglary, and robbery, with bail set at $75,000. Wilson had previously been charged with soliciting or engaging in prostitution on October 5, as revealed by records. In 2021, she faced charges of attempted murder and domestic battery, eventually pleading no contest to domestic battery without serving jail time.