Six people found dead after domestic shooting turns into house fire

In a grim turn of events, three children and three adults were found lifeless in Tennessee following a shooting incident that led to a house fire on Thursday.

The investigation unit in Tennessee believes that the individual responsible for this violent act was among those who died. At this time, authorities haven’t provided the name of the suspect involved.

Marion County Sheriff Ronnie “Bo” Burnette said that the incident seems to have stemmed from a domestic dispute that took a tragic turn.

Post the incident, the bodies of the victims were transported to Nashville, where autopsies will be performed to determine the cause of death. Information about the victims and their causes of death has not been released yet.

In addition to the deceased, one more adult was found at the scene with gunshot wounds. They were rushed to a hospital in Chattanooga for urgent medical attention.

Local residents reported hearing gunshots around 8 p.m. Thursday. A little less than an hour later, deputies from the Sheriff’s office and police officers from Jasper, Tennessee were dispatched to the house on receiving a call about a shooting.

Upon reaching the scene, the officers found that the house was aflame. After firefighters managed to douse the fire, the remains of the victims were discovered within the ruined structure.

As of now, the investigation into this violent incident is still ongoing, as stated by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.