**Snowstorm Alert** in Sierra Nevada: Up to 10 Feet of Snow Expected – Travel Disruption Ahead!

A powerful winter storm is sweeping through California’s Sierra Nevada, bringing heavy snowfall and dangerous conditions to the region. With up to 10 feet of snow expected, the National Weather Service in Reno, Nevada, has issued warnings urging residents to stay put and avoid travel in the Sierra Nevada area, including Lake Tahoe and Donner Pass.

The risk of avalanches at all elevations in the eastern Sierra is expected to escalate to high levels, according to forecasters. The Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center has issued alerts cautioning about the potential for dense slabs of snow to form, leading to deteriorating conditions throughout the weekend. An avalanche watch is in effect until early Sunday morning.

Donner Pass, notorious for the tragic expedition that was stranded in the snow in the 1840s, could see accumulations ranging from 5 to 10 feet by the time the storm subsides on Sunday. The weather conditions along Interstate 80, a critical route in the region, are rapidly worsening with heavy snowfall and strong winds.

Blizzard warnings are in effect for the area, including communities around Lake Tahoe, until Sunday morning. Forecasters are particularly concerned about blizzard conditions from Friday evening to Saturday morning, warning of zero visibility and whiteout conditions. In South Lake Tahoe, preparations are underway to mitigate the impacts of the storm, with workers treating roads and advising against non-essential travel.

Authorities in South Lake Tahoe are advising residents to stock up on supplies and prepare for the harsh weather ahead. Police have cautioned outsiders against traveling to the region this weekend and stressed the importance of heeding safety warnings. Meanwhile, blizzard warnings cover a wide swath of eastern California near the Nevada border, affecting over 555,000 people.

As the storm intensifies, the National Parks Service has advised visitors to leave Yosemite National Park by Friday afternoon and avoid returning until Sunday. The severe winter weather is expected to persist throughout the weekend, creating hazardous conditions for residents and travelers alike.