Sonic employee shot dead over counterfeit money

SAN ANTONIO, TX – A Sonic Drive-In employee in San Antonio was fatally shot this Sunday night following a confrontation with two female customers over alleged counterfeit money. The incident occurred just days before the victim, Daniel Shrewsbury, was to celebrate his 34th birthday.

According to local news reports, the argument escalated around 9:30 p.m. at the Sonic on the southern side of the city. Shrewsbury confronted the customers, leading to the tragic shooting. He retreated inside the restaurant and was later declared deceased.

As of Monday, local police released surveillance photos of the two women involved in the altercation- one in a black T-shirt and gold chain, the other in a floral-patterned white sundress. No arrests have been made, and the suspects’ names have not been disclosed.

Jojo Shrewsbury, the victim’s brother, told reporters that the dispute arose after the women attempted to pay with counterfeit bills. “Once my brother went out there and confronted them about the fake money, he got shot,” he explained, mourning the loss of someone he described as a “real good brother, not just to me but everybody.”

Another witness at the scene described hearing three gunshots and recounted the immediate aftermath involving a shocked Sonic worker who approached their car.

Shrewsbury, remembered as more than just a Sonic employee, was a role model and beloved family member who enjoyed video gaming in his spare time. A makeshift memorial was set up outside the Sonic where he worked, honoring his memory.

The investigation is ongoing as local authorities work to locate the suspects. The community and Shrewsbury’s family urge anyone with information to come forward to the authorities.