Splash Pad Shooter Terrifies Community: 9 Injured, 2 Children Critical in Rochester Hills Tragedy – EXCLUSIVE Coverage

Rochester Hills, Michigan – A peaceful afternoon at a splash pad in Oakland County turned into a nightmare as a 42-year-old man opened fire, injuring nine people, including two children. The incident, described as random by police, took place at the Brooklands Plaza Splash Pad on East Auburn Road in Rochester Hills.

The shooter arrived at the splash pad, parked his car, and began firing multiple shots into the crowded area, causing chaos and panic among visitors. With a total of 28 shots fired, the suspect showed a clear intent to harm innocent bystanders. Among the injured were a family of three, with a 39-year-old woman and her two young sons suffering critical injuries.

Law enforcement officials swiftly responded to the scene, with an Oakland County sergeant arriving within minutes of the 911 call. Utilizing Live 911 technology, the sergeant was able to provide immediate assistance to the victims, applying tourniquets and offering support.

Following the shooting, police were able to locate the suspect, who had taken his own life at a mobile home park in Shelby Township. A subsequent search of his residence revealed a rifle, raising concerns about potential additional threats that may have been prevented by the swift response of law enforcement.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard suggested that the shooter may have been grappling with mental health challenges, shedding light on a possible motive behind the senseless act of violence. As authorities continue to investigate the incident, efforts are being made to piece together a timeline of events leading up to and following the shooting.

In the wake of the tragedy, mental health services from the Oakland Community Health Network are being made available to victims, their families, and witnesses at the Rochester Hills Department of Public Services building. This community support aims to assist those affected by the traumatic events of that fateful evening at the splash pad.