Street preacher shot, suspect on the loose

GLENDALE, AZ – A preaching outreach director was left in critical condition after being shot while street preaching in Glendale on Wednesday night. Hans Schmidt, the 26-year-old victim, was reportedly at the intersection of 51st and Peoria avenues when he was shot at around 6:15 p.m.

Schmidt is associated with Victory Chapel First Phoenix church, according to their website. The Glendale policemen were initially responding to an assault report at a hospital, but upon arrival, they discovered that the case was a shooting incident.

Despite active investigations, the shooter has not been apprehended. While the search for the suspect continues, locals are left shocked by the violent incident.

Henry Branch, a local resident, expressed deep dismay over the incident supposedly involving someone known in the community to frequently preach at the corner. He alleged the incident as senseless and expressed distress over the occurrence at the church.

In a similar vein, Jesse James, a business owner who has been neighboring Victory Chapel church for nine years, referred to the incident as a ‘big thing’. While being evacuated from the area by the police during a live-streaming session on Wednesday night, his shock and disbelief were evident.

The Glendale police, suspecting the presence of more witnesses to the shooting, urged them to come forward and aid in their ongoing investigations. A donation fund has also been set up by Victory Chapel First Phoenix to aid Schmidt’s family, requiring assistance in light of the tragic occurrence.