Sugar Hill Sisterhood: 50 Years of Annual Reunions, Deep Bonds, and Enduring Friendship

College Park, Maryland – A group of Black women at the University of Maryland, College Park, have maintained a close friendship for over 50 years, defying the odds of time and distance. Known as the Sugar Hill Sisterhood, this tight-knit group of 16 women has continued to meet annually, building a tradition of support and camaraderie that has withstood the test of time since their college years in the 1970s. They have celebrated milestones and supported each other through both joyous occasions and challenging times, demonstrating the enduring strength and depth of female friendships.

The enduring nature of female friendships is well-documented, with research showing that women tend to rely on friends for support in addition to their spouses. This is evidenced by the unwavering commitment of the Sugar Hill Sisterhood to staying connected and nurturing their relationships. Their bond, initially forged in college, has been sustained through daily communication, regular reunions, and activities that keep them connected throughout the year.

The sisterhood’s annual reunions have evolved from simple dinners to overnight stays and international trips, with the group traveling to destinations around the world. Their dedication to maintaining their friendships is evident in their commitment to organizing these annual gatherings, with each member taking responsibility for planning and hosting the reunion in rotation.

Beyond the fun and adventure of their trips, the women have also been a source of unwavering support for each other in times of need. Whether it’s providing encouragement during tough times or celebrating each other’s achievements, the sisterhood has been a constant source of strength for its members.

The deep bonds of the Sugar Hill Sisterhood have also extended to their families, with the next generation continuing to foster the legacy of their mothers’ enduring friendship. As the women support each other’s children and grandchildren, the sisterhood’s influence and support have continued to impact future generations.

The story of the Sugar Hill Sisterhood is a testament to the resilience and power of female friendships, defying the passage of time and distance to maintain a bond that remains unbroken after five decades. Their story serves as an inspiration, highlighting the enduring strength and support that true friendship can provide, proving that the bonds of sisterhood can withstand the test of time.