Super Bowl 2023 Sneak Peek: Top Advertisers Revealing Game-Day Commercials Early

NEW YORK (AP) — With the Super Bowl just around the corner, advertisers are already making a big splash with their pre-game commercials. The sought-after high-priced spots are designed to capture viewers’ attention and create a buzz leading up to the big game.

This year’s Super Bowl, set to air on CBS, Paramount+, and Nickelodeon, is expected to draw in over 100 million viewers, making it a prime opportunity for advertisers. With a reported $7 million price tag for a 30-second commercial during the game, companies are aiming to make the most of their investment by releasing ads in advance.

Prominent brands such as Budweiser and Uber Eats have already set the stage for the big day by releasing attention-grabbing commercials. From Budweiser’s nostalgic ad to Uber Eats’ comedic piece featuring Jennifer Aniston, the competition is fierce as advertisers pull out all the stops to stand out.

While some advertisers have already revealed their ads, others are keeping their plans under wraps, promising surprises during the big game. This element of mystery adds to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the highly anticipated event. And with big names like Amazon yet to reveal their ad plans, the element of surprise remains a key part of the Super Bowl commercial landscape.

As the game approaches, the marketing battle heats up, with each brand vying for the attention and approval of the massive Super Bowl audience. The ongoing release of commercials has become a pre-game event in itself, providing a glimpse of the creativity and star power that advertisers are set to unleash in the biggest television event of the year.