Super Bowl Groundskeeper Misses First Game in 57 Years: Blames Field Conditions for Shocking Decision

Kansas City, MO – George Toma, the renowned groundskeeper who has been a fixture at all 57 Super Bowls, will not be present at Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas this year, marking the end of an era. Toma, known as the Sodfather, has confirmed that this will be the first time he will miss a Super Bowl in his illustrious career.

Toma’s last Super Bowl was marred by controversy as players from both the Chiefs and Eagles struggled on a poorly maintained field. Despite the criticism, Toma contends that the field was already in a terrible condition when he arrived in Arizona for the game. “I laid everything out for them,” Toma stated, “So what happens to Super Bowl 57? It’s the worst game field I’ve ever seen before an NFL groundskeeper stepped on.”

The veteran groundskeeper was shocked at the condition of the field after a rehearsal for the halftime show, describing it as “mud. Retracted mud.” Toma expressed his desire for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to address him personally regarding field conditions, lamenting the lack of communication from the league’s highest authority.

Toma’s absence from this year’s Super Bowl marks an unceremonious exit for a man who has been instrumental in maintaining the playing conditions for each championship game. The Sodfather’s legacy as a key figure in the Super Bowl’s history is undeniable, and his departure from the groundskeeping scene will undoubtedly be felt by players, staff, and fans alike.