Super Mario Maker Players Beat Every Legitimate Level Before Servers Shut Down – But There’s a Twist!

New York, NY – Super Mario Maker players have achieved a remarkable feat by conquering every legitimate level uploaded to the original game before the servers were shut down. This victory was celebrated last week, but the crowning achievement was delayed until now, as the creator of the final level revealed it to be a fake.

The level believed to be the last standing, Trimming the Herbs, appeared to be incredibly challenging, requiring exceptional precision to complete despite being only a few seconds long. However, the truth came to light when the original creator, known as Ahoyo, admitted to using tool-assisted speedrun techniques to upload the level without proving its humanly beatable status.

Members of Team 0%, a group dedicated to completing all Super Mario Maker levels before the server shutdown, had suspicions about the legitimacy of Trimming the Herbs. Despite initial dismissals due to the perceived absence of tools to create TAS for the Wii U, it was later revealed that such tools did exist, facilitating the upload of the challenging level.

Ahoyo expressed regret for the controversy surrounding the fake level but commended Team 0% for their accomplishment in clearing Super Mario Maker. The community is now celebrating the completion of The Last Dance level by a player named Yamada as the ultimate triumph, marking the end of a challenging journey that nearly reached the game’s deadline.

While Trimming the Herbs was not the only TAS level uploaded by Ahoyo, players continue to strive to beat the impossible level for the sake of earning prestigious bragging rights. As the Super Mario Maker community revels in this milestone, the dedication and perseverance of players in facing seemingly insurmountable challenges is truly commendable.