Superman Spoiler Alert: Cleveland set reveals Justice League "genesis" in action – See behind the scenes drama!

Cleveland, Ohio – Fans of superhero movies were treated to an exciting glimpse behind the scenes of James Gunn’s upcoming “Superman” film in Cleveland. The city provided a picturesque backdrop as actors Isabela Merced, Nathan Fillion, Edi Gathegi, and David Corenswet brought their characters to life in Public Square.

The day’s filming showcased a Justice League “genesis,” with scenes depicting what seemed to be a moment of conflict in the city square. Crowds of onlookers gathered to witness the action, creating a lively atmosphere for the actors to work in.

Merced and Gathegi, portraying Hawkgirl and Mister Terrific respectively, showcased their skills as they were lowered from the air onto the set. Alongside Corenswet and Fillion, the ensemble engaged with the gathered crowd, adding to the excitement of the scene.

Despite the sunny weather and 88-degree heat, the cast and crew persevered through the challenging conditions. Merced, in particular, faced a slight stumble during one of the takes, highlighting the dedication and professionalism of the actors during the shoot.

As the day progressed, additional elements such as zip line work and intricate harness setups added complexity to the scenes. Medics were on hand to ensure the safety and comfort of the actors, providing ice to help them stay cool during physically demanding shots.

Director James Gunn’s attention to detail was evident throughout the filming process, as he meticulously directed the crew to capture various angles and moments with precision. The addition of Metropolis Police Department actors added depth to the scenes, enhancing the overall authenticity of the production.

Fans and spectators speculated on the potential use of CGI to enhance certain shots post-production, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the behind-the-scenes glimpses of the film. As the day came to a close, extras and actors alike took a well-deserved break, reflecting on the day’s work and looking ahead to future filming sessions.