Suspect kidnaps his ex-girlfriend at her workplace before killing her

Cameron Hopkins, of Fayette County, GA has been identified as the suspect in the tragic kidnapping and killing of his ex-girlfriend. Court records reveal that Hopkins, 20, had previously been involved in a similar kidnapping incident last year. Both cases involved the same ex-girlfriend, 19-year-old Khaliyah Jones.

In the previous incident, Lovejoy Police reported that Hopkins was seen at a Walmart parking lot, where he approached a vehicle with a handgun, broke the car window, and forcibly dragged the female victim out at gunpoint before fleeing the scene. He then made threatening phone calls to family members, expressing his anger over the relationship ending and threatening to harm the victim if the police intervened. The case is still pending, with charges including terroristic threats, kidnapping, and aggravated assault.

Hopkins is now facing charges for the recent abduction of his ex from her workplace at a Wingstop in Fayetteville. He led the police on a chase to Lovejoy High School, where he fired shots both inside and outside the car as officers closed in on him. According to 911 calls, Hopkins entered the restaurant and took his ex-girlfriend at gunpoint. Tragically, the victim was found inside the car with multiple gunshot wounds and succumbed to her injuries.

Fayetteville PD has charged Hopkins with kidnapping and aggravated assault, while the Clayton County Police Department has jurisdiction over the murder investigation. Clayton County court records indicate that Hopkins now faces charges of malice murder, two counts of aggravated assault, as well as the possession of a weapon.

It is deeply concerning that Hopkins was out on bond for the previous kidnapping incident when he committed this heinous crime. The pending court case from last year’s incident, which Hopkins had waived the arraignment for, is scheduled for December 25, 2024.