Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl Challenge: Parking Her Private Jet for the Big Game

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – When Taylor Swift, the renowned pop star, travels from Tokyo to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl, she may face an unexpected challenge: finding a parking spot for her private plane. With all the private plane parking spaces in Las Vegas already booked, it seems that Swift’s arrival for the big game may not be as smooth as anticipated.

The main airport in Las Vegas, Harry Reid International Airport, along with the city’s smaller executive airports, has no available parking spaces for private planes during Super Bowl weekend. This scarcity of parking is due in part to the LIV Golf tournament being held at the Las Vegas Country Club. The golf tournament, sponsored by Saudi-backed golf tour, has likely occupied several parking spaces for the event, posing a potential obstacle for Swift’s upcoming arrival.

In response to the dilemma, Michael Giordano, a partner at Cirrus Aviation Service, expressed confidence that Swift will have a place to land, but not necessarily park. This situation could lead to a “drop-and-go” flight, where Swift and her crew are dropped off in Vegas, while the plane must fly elsewhere to park. Although the NFL may have the influence to secure a landing spot for Swift, an NFL spokesman declined to confirm individual requests when questioned by the AP.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding parking for Swift’s private jet, it is predicted that her jet may drop her off in Vegas, while the plane may need to park outside of the city. Afterwards, Swift is expected to attend the game and spend time with Travis Kelce after the Super Bowl, likely not requiring her jet again until she sets off for her next concert in Australia on February 16th. With the entertainment icon’s hectic schedule, her jet may remain idle until her departure to Australia, possibly sitting in an airport outside of Las Vegas until then.