Teen killed by close friend in domestic shooting

PHOENIX, AZ – A teen’s life was tragically cut short in Phoenix, after a 17-year-old friend reportedly discharged a gun, striking 15-year-old Daniela Espinosa in her abdomen. On Sunday evening, Daniela was sitting in her home when the tragedy unfolded. Amid the chaotic scene, she was rushed to a nearby hospital. However, she ultimately succumbed to her injuries not long after.

Daniela’s family has long known the 17-year-old shooter. He had frequently stayed with the Espinosa family and had been living with them intermittently. The motive behind the incident remains unclear, leaving the family in shock and confusion.

Daniela was a ninth-grade student at NFL Yet College Prep Academy. Described as a friendly tomboy with a heart for music, volleyball, and basketball, Daniela shared a strong bond with her seven siblings.

Grieving family members and friends gathered at her house on Tuesday to remember Daniela and mourn their loss. A vigil attended by roughly 100 people was held on Monday, creating a space for collective mourning and tribute to the young girl. In the face of sudden loss, the family’s grief is underscored by the fact that this marks their second encounter with teen violence.

As the 17-year-old suspect faces charges for murder and aggravated assault, a GoFundMe campaign has been initiated to aid the family with after-death expenses.