Teen stabs mom to death, calmly calls 911 in chilling doorbell camera footage

HIALEAH, FL – Derek Rosa, a 13-year-old boy from Hialeah, Florida, was captured on doorbell camera footage in the midst of a disturbing act. He was seen speaking to his mother before allegedly stabbing her to death in their apartment.

The same footage from the doorbell camera also showed him calmly calling the police after committing the violent act.

Rosa is charged with the murder of his 39-year-old mother, Irina Garcia, on October 12 in their apartment at Amelia Oaks. The police have testified that he stabbed his mother nearly 46 times while she was fast asleep. The teen did this while his newborn half-sister was only steps away as she slept inside of her crib.

In the doorbell video clip, Garcia advises her son not to run. He replied in disagreement, refuting her as to why she always instructs him in the same way. Shortly after this conversation, the teenager supposedly stabbed his mother and ultimately killed her.

The doorbell camera also recorded Rosa talking to a police dispatcher later on. The teenager is heard confirming his apartment number before asking the dispatcher if he should leave. He is instructed to stay put.

Rosa is presently set to face a court hearing on February 15.