Teenager killed while walking home from work

LONG BEACH, CA – Brianna Soto, a 17-year-old senior at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, succumbed to her injuries following a shooting incident on Tuesday near 11th Street and Lewis Avenue, as confirmed by the Long Beach Police Department.

Around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, local authorities arrived at the scene to administer medical aid to Soto until emergency medical services could take her to a hospital for further treatment. Despite their efforts, Soto’s condition deteriorated, and she tragically passed away.

According to preliminary findings from the police investigation, the incident transpired when an unidentified individual or individuals approached Soto as she walked down the street. However, the events leading up to the shooting remain unclear. Family members reported that Soto had been returning home from work when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Community members voiced their shock regarding the incident, particularly given its rarity in their normally peaceful neighborhood.

During this grieving period, Soto’s family has instituted a GoFundMe campaign to help amass funds for her medical bills and forthcoming funeral expenses. The campaign goes by the title “Please help me help my family,” and is organized by Lourdes Soto.

The Long Beach Unified School District also released a statement concerning Soto’s untimely demise, expressing their profound sorrow and extending their condolences to her loved ones. In light of the tragic event, the district officials declared their intentions to offer counseling services for Poly High School students and staff on their return from spring break.

Long Beach Police are currently investigating the motive behind Soto’s shooting and invite anyone with additional information to contact the detectives.