Texas woman robs ride-share who refused to go to fast-food drive-thru

HOUSTON, TX – A woman in Texas is currently being sought by Houston authorities following an incident where she allegedly assaulted and robbed her ride-share driver due to his refusal to drive her through a fast-food restaurant’s drive-thru. The incident, which was captured on surveillance footage, occurred on September 6.

The video shows the woman and the driver outside a vehicle in a parking lot, where the woman is seen pepper-spraying the driver in his face. The driver, an employee of a ride-share company, reported that he had picked up the woman from the 5500 block of Griggs Road, according to the Houston Police Department.

The driver narrated that he had dropped the woman off at a fast-food restaurant located in the 5900 block of Gulf Freeway. It was here that she requested him to drive through the restaurant’s drive-thru. Upon his refusal, the woman reportedly became irate and struck him on the head with her hand.

The driver then asked the woman to exit his vehicle, but she refused. He then proceeded to the passenger side of the car and forcibly removed her. The woman was later seen returning to the driver’s open car and appeared to be searching through his belongings. The police reported that she stole his wallet from the car.

The driver further stated that the woman hit him in the face and pepper-sprayed him again. The surveillance footage shows the man shielding his face with his hands as he exits the frame. The video also captures the woman reaching into the driver’s vehicle, where she reportedly stole his wallet before fleeing the scene.

The suspect has been described by the police as a 20-year-old Black female, approximately 5 feet, 5 inches tall, and was seen wearing a gray shirt and green shorts. A grand jury subpoena has been submitted to the ride-share company by the authorities, while the Houston Police Robbery Division is working to identify the suspect.