The Rock Backstage at WWE SmackDown with Injured CM Punk: WrestleMania Showdown Imminent?

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Fans of “WWE SmackDown” can expect an electrifying episode tonight, as rumored reports suggest the presence of two major wrestling stars backstage.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a wrestling legend, is reportedly in Birmingham for tonight’s episode. This would be Johnson’s third live appearance in WWE since his September comeback. Speculation is rife that Johnson’s appearance could lead to a face-off with Roman Reigns, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, at WrestleMania 40. Johnson is also a member of TKO’s Board of Directors since January. He had teased a confrontation with Reigns in his last WWE appearance on New Year’s Day.

Another familiar face reportedly backstage is the injured CM Punk, who has already undergone surgery for a tricep tear suffered at WWE Royal Rumble. There is no confirmation whether Punk is planned to appear on camera, but his injury has potentially shifted the WrestleMania card, possibly resulting in a match between Johnson and Reigns, while Cody Rhodes could instead challenge World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.

There is still uncertainty about the direction the storyline will take, but the presence of these two wrestling icons backstage has heightened anticipation for tonight’s “WWE SmackDown” episode in Birmingham.