Three men were shot when a woman fired into a group involved in an argument

A violent confrontation in Texas on Wednesday night resulted in one death and two injuries, as per local police reports. The Houston Police Department indicated that the incident, which occurred around 7 p.m. on the 13900 block of Main Street, originated from a physical disagreement among three individuals, two of whom were brothers. During the altercation, a woman allegedly stepped in, discharging a firearm at the group from a vehicle.

Assistant Chief Megan Howard of the Houston Police Department shared that one of the wounded men, after being shot, absconded from the scene in the vehicle with the female suspect. The other injured individual, a sibling of the deceased, transported his brother to a local hospital in a private vehicle. “We have one male who is deceased and two others who are injured from gunshot wounds,” Howard confirmed. While multiple firearms were found at the scene, it is unclear whether the female suspect was the only one who fired shots or if the men also discharged weapons.

The brother who was rushed to the hospital was pronounced dead upon arrival, Howard told reporters on Wednesday night. The man and woman who left the scene in the vehicle also made their way to the hospital, where they were detained by police. Howard mentioned that they were not residents of Houston.

The police are presently interviewing the surviving brother and the couple from the vehicle. The severity of the injuries of the surviving victims is still unknown, but they have been able to provide statements. The Houston police will share the evidence collected from the investigation with the district attorney’s office.