Three teens shot outside of a high school

BALTIMORE, MD – Three teenagers sustained non-life-threatening injuries in a shooting incident near Carver Vocational Technical High School in west Baltimore on Friday morning, coinciding with the commencement of classes. This recent episode amplifies concerns over the growing incidents of youth violence in the city. Notably, several Baltimore public school students have faced gun violence on or proximate to their school premises this year. This is despite a general reduction in gun-related incidents over the past months.

Deputy Police Commissioner Kevin Jones elaborated on the incident in a subsequent press conference. He described a potential altercation that culminated in the firing of a weapon. The unnerving event led to an atmosphere of anxiety and dread among parents, many of whom gathered outside the educational institution awaiting news of their children. Consequently, school authorities made the decision to close early at 10:30 a.m.

Shameka White, a concerned parent and relative, recounted her distressing experience of waiting to know about the safety of her family members in the school. She pointed out the lack of clarity provided by the school’s management. Sherry Christian, a representative for Baltimore City Schools, mentioned that parents of the affected students were informed promptly. All parents of Carver students received notifications regarding the early dismissal through automated communications.

Of the wounded, two are confirmed to be students of Carver Vocational Technical High School. While emergency services transported these students, a third individual sought medical attention independently. The locale around the high school, demarcated by yellow crime scene tape, was a grim reminder of a similar incident from September 2022, where another student was injured.

The neighborhood surrounding this vocational institution in west Baltimore has historically grappled with issues of poverty, underinvestment, and violence.