Toby Keith Remembered: Garth Brooks Reflects on the Larger-Than-Life Country Music Star from Oklahoma

Moore, Oklahoma – Country music legend Garth Brooks, an Oklahoma native, paid tribute to fellow Oklahoman Toby Keith, who passed away on Monday night at the age of 62 after battling stomach cancer. In a heartfelt statement, Brooks described Keith as “larger than life” and reflected on the lasting impact of the country music star’s career.

Brooks emphasized Keith’s consistency, stating, “Toby was the same every time you saw him. Loved him or hated him, he was constant.” He also recalled their brief encounter at a Tornado Relief Concert over a decade ago, where Keith’s performance brought hope to the victims and survivors during a dark period.

Expressing admiration for Keith’s unapologetic honesty and distinct voice, Brooks shared, “What I loved about Toby is what I hope I am able to do when it’s my turn to wear those shoes. He was ALWAYS Toby…all the way up to his passing.” The country music icon also noted that Keith had sounded better than ever during his last performances at the Ryman and in Vegas.

Keith’s contributions to the country music industry and his unwavering presence as an artist were deeply meaningful to Brooks, who recognized the impact of Keith’s legacy on the entertainment world.

The passing of Toby Keith has left a profound void in the country music community, particularly among fellow Oklahomans who admired and respected his talent and resilience. As fans and colleagues mourn the loss of the iconic singer, Brooks’ tribute stands as a poignant reminder of Keith’s enduring influence and unwavering authenticity in the world of music.