Toddler accidentally shot to death by 14-year-old cousin

A devastating incident unfolded in Philadelphia on Thursday morning, resulting in the tragic death of a 2-year-old girl. According to the police, the girl’s 14-year-old cousin gained access to a firearm, which accidentally discharged. Authorities are now investigating how the teenager obtained the weapon. The incident occurred in a rowhouse on North 29th Street, below Cecil B. Moore Avenue in the Brewerytown neighborhood. This heartbreaking event once again highlights the urgent need for responsible gun ownership and secure storage.

The incident took place shortly before noon in an upstairs bedroom, where four adults were present. Sergeant Eric Gripp of the Philadelphia Police Department revealed that the 14-year-old somehow managed to find an unsecured firearm within the house. While handling the weapon, he unintentionally fired a shot, striking the 2-year-old girl in the head.

Alongside the teenager and the toddler, a 9-year-old child and a 1-year-old baby were also present in the house when the fatal accident occurred. Witnesses in the neighborhood saw an adult carrying the injured child out of the residence. Tragically, the young girl was pronounced dead at Temple University Hospital at 12:30 p.m.

Sgt. Gripp emphasized the importance of securely storing firearms, particularly in households with children. While at least one of the adults admitted to being aware of the gun’s presence, the police are working to determine its ownership and why it was left unsecured.

In a further unfortunate turn of events, two police officers responding to the scene were involved in a car accident with a civilian vehicle at 21st Street and Susquehanna Avenue. Thankfully, all three individuals involved in the collision are in stable condition.

The investigation into this heartbreaking incident is ongoing, with authorities working to determine how the 14-year-old cousin obtained access to the unsecured firearm.