Travis Kelce Defenders Respond to Taylor Swift Naysayers, Expose the Truth Behind NFL Controversy

LOS ANGELES, California – Fox Sports personalities Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson defended the relationship between pop star Taylor Swift and NFL player Travis Kelce on their “Calm Down” podcast. They addressed the criticism and naysayers who claim that Swift is negatively impacting the NFL. Andrews asserted that Swift is not ruining the NFL and pointed out the record viewership Fox had during a recent NFC Championship game, suggesting that Swift’s presence is actually beneficial to the league. Thompson also highlighted Kelce’s endorsement deals to emphasize the positive impact of his relationship with Swift on the NFL.

The duo expressed frustration with Colin Cowherd’s comments on his show, “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” regarding Swift’s appearance during NFL games. Andrews specifically mentioned speaking to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about the positive influence of Swift on the league, as well as the impact of her presence on young female fans.

Thompson and Andrews praised Swift for her involvement in women’s empowerment and small businesses, as well as the positive impact of her relationship with Kelce. The duo has been supportive of the couple’s romance since before they were officially linked, even suggesting on their podcast that Swift go on a date with Kelce.

As Swift prepares to resume her world tour, with shows scheduled in Tokyo just before the Super Bowl, it is clear that her presence and impact on the NFL are topics that will continue to be discussed. And despite any naysayers, Andrews and Thompson remain firm in their support of the couple, emphasizing the positivity and joy Swift brings to the NFL, the sports world, and beyond.