Travis Scott and Tyga Brawl at Cannes Party – Exclusive Details of the Wild Fight!

Cannes, France – Music celebrities Travis Scott and Tyga’s associate Alexander “AE” Edwards engaged in a physical altercation during Richie Akiva’s annual “The After” afterparty in Cannes, France. The incident reportedly occurred in the early hours of Friday, nearly causing harm to several individuals at the event.

According to sources, the brawl erupted around 5 a.m. when Scott, 33, and Tyga, 34, coincidentally found themselves near the DJ booth at the same time. Models were said to be caught in the fray, with one person even getting struck by an ice bucket during the scuffle.

Witnesses revealed that tensions escalated when Akiva acknowledged Tyga and Edwards over the microphone, which seemingly did not sit well with Scott. Reportedly, Scott aggressively grabbed the mic from Akiva, leading Edwards to intervene and urge Scott to show respect.

Sources describe Scott as the instigator of the confrontation, displaying erratic and confrontational behavior at the event. The altercation was not directly related to their shared past involving Kylie Jenner, but longstanding tensions between the two men were evident.

Despite the history between Scott and Tyga, witnesses claim Tyga remained on the sidelines during the altercation, appearing calm throughout the incident. Video footage obtained by Page Six shows Scott and Southside involved in the physical confrontation with Edwards onstage, while onlookers watched in shock.

Security eventually intervened to break up the fight, allowing the party to continue at the French estate Domaine La Dilecta. Scott and Southside reportedly left the scene, while Tyga, Edwards, and their group remained at the party.

The annual event, co-hosted by several individuals, featured various DJ sets and performances before the altercation took place. Despite the disruption, the party continued until the early hours of the morning, with no serious injuries reported.Representatives for Scott, Edwards, and Tyga have not responded to requests for comment.