Tree Tragedy: Woman Killed by Fallen Limb in D.C. Park

Washington D.C. has been struck by tragedy as a woman lost her life in Garfield Park after being struck by a falling tree limb. The victim, Sarah Noah, 35, was found pinned underneath the large branch, unconscious and not breathing when emergency personnel arrived. Witnesses reported hearing loud pops and cracks as the branch fell, causing panic in the park.

Police spokesperson Lee Lepe confirmed that Noah was believed to have been walking her dog at the time of the incident. D.C. Council member Charles Allen expressed his condolences, calling the event a “horrific tragedy.” The park, a popular spot for children and neighbors, saw crews dismantle the massive oak tree, estimated to be over 100 years old by officials from the D.C. Department of Transportation.

Despite the tree being inspected and deemed healthy less than two years ago by the agency’s Urban Forestry Division, the cause of the limb’s fall remains unknown. Arborist Jeff Inman, winner of the North American Tree Climbing Championship, explained the difficulties in diagnosing such incidents. Acting DDOT Director Sharon Kershbaum announced plans to reinspect all mature trees in the park in response to the tragedy.

The community expressed deep condolences for the loss, as investigations into what led to the fatal accident continue. As the city mourns the loss of Sarah Noah, questions about tree safety and maintenance raise concerns. The incident serves as a grim reminder of the potential dangers that old trees can pose in public spaces, prompting authorities to take further action in ensuring the safety of park visitors in the future.