Trump Responds to Governor’s Request for Help

Trump Responds to Governor's Request for Help

( – On Sunday, August 23, Jacob Blake was shot seven times during a confrontation with Kenosha, WI police. The 29-year-old was reaching into his vehicle, after being told to stop, when he was injured. The incident was caught on cellphone video and quickly went viral, which led to riots across the city.

The disturbances came to a head when a 17-year-old allegedly killed two people on Tuesday. The deadly violence caused the Democratic governor to ask President Donald Trump for his help to restore law and order.

Not in America’s Streets

On Wednesday, Trump announced he’d spoken to Governor Tony Evers (D) about sending the National Guard into Kenosha to help contain the riots. The Democratic leader agreed to accept the president’s offer.

At least 30 fires were set in the city over the first few days of the riots, and dozens of businesses were destroyed. Evers called on the residents of the state to remain calm, but he was ignored. After the murders, it became apparent the state needed more help.

Parent’s Plea For Peace

Before the violence on Tuesday night, Jacob Blake’s parents held a press conference to give an update on his recovery, and to make a statement about the confrontation with police that left him paralyzed. His mother, Julia Jackson, asked for people to pray for her family, then she mentioned the destruction in the city.

“That doesn’t reflect my son or my family,” Jackson said of the property damage. She went on to say they “need healing” for her son and the country.

Since George Floyd’s death in May, the country has been rocked by violence. Portland, OR, has seen unrest almost every single night for three months. Minneapolis sustained tens of millions of dollars in damage. Blake’s shooting, justified or not, was fuel for an already out-of-control fire.

Ms. Jackson is right. The country absolutely needs to heal.

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