Trump’s Political Opponents Funding Biased Cases to Defeat Him – Shocking Claims Revealed!

New York, NY – Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. defended the verdict in the recent criminal case brought against former President Donald Trump’s business on Sunday.

In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Vance criticized the funding of the cases, claiming they were backed by Trump’s political opponents and were aimed at defeating him in the courts rather than at the ballot box.

Vance’s response echoed that of Trump, who took to his platform Truth Social to criticize the verdict and announce plans to appeal. Trump called the legal system “out of control” and accused it of being used as a political weapon.

When questioned about claims that support for Trump endorses behavior like sexual assault and defamation, Vance argued that the statement was unfair to victims.

The Manhattan DA emphasized the need to focus on issues rather than personal attacks in the upcoming 2024 election, urging Americans to fight over policy matters. He also defended the fairness of any verdict reached by a group of average citizens in New York City, despite allegations of left-wing bias.

Vance’s remarks come in the midst of growing scrutiny over the handling of the Trump Organization case and provide insight into how the former president’s legal battles are impacting political discourse in the United States.