Two 12-year-old boys convicted for machete murder

WOLVERHAMPTON, UK – Two 12-year-old boys have been convicted for the murder of a 19-year-old man in the United Kingdom, according to local police. The boys, who remain unnamed due to legal restrictions on identifying minors, are guilty of killing Shawn Seesahai in a park in Wolverhampton, central England.

West Midlands Police revealed that Seesahai, originally from Anguilla, had only lived in the UK for approximately six months when he was killed.

The murder, which took place last November, involved Seesahai and a friend being approached by a group of “youngsters”. According to the Nottingham Crown Court, Seesahai was then assaulted by the two guilty boys. The attack took on a brutal form involving punching, kicking, stomping, and a 42.5 cm-long machete.

A witness account claims that one boy attacked Seesahai’s legs with the machete while the other boy repeatedly punched and stomped on his head. The severity of Seesahai’s injuries was also highlighted during the trial. One violently inflicted wound ran through his body from his back, piercing his ribs and puncturing his heart.

The boys were apprehended two days post-incident. Key evidence, including a machete found under one of the boys’ beds, blood-stained clothing in a laundry basket, and incriminating photos of large knives and other weapons on a mobile phone, were uncovered by police.

Seesahai’s parents described their son as a “loving” and “well-mannered” individual, expressing their hope for a just and fair sentence for the boys involved. Sentencing is expected in July.