United Airlines pilot charged in bizarre ax attack at Denver International Airport

A United Airlines pilot is now facing charges after a peculiar incident earlier this month at Denver International Airport. Kenneth Henderson Jones, a 63-year-old pilot, allegedly went on an ax-wielding rampage, causing significant damage to a parking arm at an employee parking lot. He was later involved in a scuffle with an airport employee who attempted to disarm him. No injuries were reported, but the estimated damage amounts to $700.

On August 2, video footage revealed the shocking scene of Jones armed with a full-sized ax. He was seen relentlessly attacking the parking arm at the exit gate of the employee parking lot. The video shows him striking the arm 23 times before successfully knocking it off its base. Moments later, an airport employee confronted Jones, leading to a physical altercation. It was only after the intervention of a second airport employee that the ax was finally wrestled away from the pilot.

Adams County authorities have charged Jones with misdemeanor criminal mischief. He is scheduled to appear in court for an arraignment on September 25th. Despite multiple attempts to contact Jones, he has not responded to inquiries from reporters. United Airlines has removed him from the schedule and initiated an internal investigation. Russel Carlton, Corporate Communications Manager for United, declined to provide further details.

Jones, who is qualified to fly large jets such as the 767 and 757, reportedly told Adams County Sheriff’s deputies that he had reached his breaking point. He claimed he was trying to leave the parking lot but was frustrated by the long lines at each of the three exit gates. Airport administrators acknowledged ongoing issues with unauthorized parking and insufficient permits. Jones allegedly stated that he wanted to resolve the problems for everyone waiting.

Airport surveillance footage captured the moment when police officers apprehended Jones in a nearby field and placed him under arrest. However, he was later released after speaking with the authorities and allowed to drive away. Records indicate that Jones has no prior arrests in Colorado.