Uvalde shooter’s cousin arrested for making mass shooting threat

A teenager, who is the cousin of the gunman responsible for the tragic 2022 Uvalde, Texas, school shooting, has been arrested on suspicion of making threats to carry out a similar attack. Nathan James Cruz, 17, was taken into custody on Monday for his shooting threats. The arrest comes after Cruz’s mother reported his intentions to the police, expressing concern due to his probation status and proximity to an elementary school.

Nathan James Cruz, the cousin of Salvador Ramos, the 18-year-old responsible for the devastating shooting at Robb Elementary School last year, has been arrested for allegedly threatening to “do the same thing” to a school. According to court documents, Cruz faces a felony charge as a result of his actions. He faces charges for making a terroristic threat to a public place, as well as an additional misdemeanor charge of making a terroristic threat against a family member.

In May 2022, Salvador Ramos entered Robb Elementary School armed with an assault rifle and wearing tactical vest. He initiated a horrific attack that claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers. The incident stands as one of the deadliest school shootings in recent US history. The response of law enforcement has faced significant scrutiny, as officers waited outside the classrooms for over an hour before confronting and fatally shooting Ramos.

Cruz’s mother contacted the police after her daughter reported that Cruz had expressed intentions to carry out a similar attack as his cousin. The mother’s concern was heightened by the fact that Cruz is currently on probation and was allegedly intoxicated at the time. Additionally, the family resides across the street from an elementary school, further raising alarm.

According to an affidavit, Cruz’s sister stated that while giving him a ride, he threatened to shoot her and made explicit threats against the school. The mother also overheard a phone conversation in which Cruz was allegedly attempting to illegally obtain an AR-15-style assault rifle, the same type used by Ramos in the Uvalde shooting.

Following his arrest, Cruz denied making any threats during an interview with a detective. The charges against him carry a combined bond of $160,000, as per the magistrate records.