Vanessa Hudgens Welcomes First Baby with Cole Tucker – Heartwarming Hospital Departure

Los Angeles, California – Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker, the star of High School Musical and her baseball player husband, have recently welcomed their first child together on July 3rd. The couple was spotted leaving a Los Angeles hospital with their newborn, adding to the joy of Tucker’s 28th birthday. While details about the baby’s sex and birthdate remain unknown, photos show Hudgens being discharged in a wheelchair, accompanied by a nurse, with Tucker following closely behind, handling their belongings. The couple’s swift exit from the hospital suggests that they are eager to start their new journey as parents.

Hudgens, known for her role in High School Musical, drew attention at the Oscars for revealing her baby bump, a surprise to many as she managed to keep her pregnancy a secret. The couple’s relationship bloomed during quarantine, with them meeting through a virtual meditation session. Their love story was marked by romantic gestures and mutual support, leading to their marriage in 2023. Hudgens’ previous dating history with actors like Zac Efron and Austin Butler adds to the narrative of her unexpected love story with Tucker.

While the exact timeline of Hudgens’ delivery remains unclear, the couple’s appearance with their newborn signifies a new chapter in their lives. Their whirlwind romance culminating in the birth of their first child adds to the joy of Tucker’s 28th birthday. As they embark on parenthood together, Hudgens and Tucker now navigate the challenges and joys of raising their child. The couple’s journey into parenthood offers a glimpse into their evolving relationship and shared commitment to building a family together.