**Waterlogged Dubai: Record Rainfall Shuts Down City, Strands Cars and Disrupts Flights**

Dubai, United Arab Emirates was brought to a standstill after record rainfall caused severe disruptions, leaving cars stranded on flooded roads and homes inundated with water. The city experienced its heaviest downpour on record since 1949, according to Dubai’s media office, leading to chaos among residents.

The heavy rainfall resulted in water entering expensive homes and underground car parks, leaving some buildings without power and causing widespread flooding even a day after the initial downpour. The unprecedented weather event left many residents struggling to navigate the city amidst the chaos brought on by the extreme conditions.

Emergency services were stretched thin as they worked to assist those affected by the flooding, with some areas experiencing significant damage due to the volume of rain. The unexpected nature of the rainfall caught many off guard, leading to challenges in managing the aftermath of the storm.

Residents took to social media to share images and videos of the flooded streets and damaged infrastructure, highlighting the extent of the disruption caused by the deluge. The city’s infrastructure faced strain as authorities worked to restore normalcy and clear the roads of water to allow for safe passage.

As cleanup efforts continued, authorities urged residents to remain cautious and avoid unnecessary travel to prevent further complications. Despite the challenges posed by the record-breaking rainfall, the community came together to support one another and begin the process of recovery in the wake of the natural disaster.