**Westbrook** out indefinitely after breaking hand in Clippers’ win: What Happens Next?

Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles Clippers veteran Russell Westbrook suffered a major setback in their recent game against the Washington Wizards at Crypto.com Arena. Westbrook sustained a left hand injury during the game and will be sidelined indefinitely. The specifics of the injury are currently unknown, leading to uncertainty about the possibility of surgery or a potential return this season.

The incident occurred in the second quarter when Westbrook attempted to disrupt a play by reaching in from behind to deflect the ball from Wizards guard Jordan Poole. Following the play, Westbrook immediately showed signs of discomfort in his left hand but continued to play. However, he was eventually substituted out of the game and did not re-enter, marking a significant blow to the Clippers’ lineup.

The situation was further complicated when Toronto Raptors’ player Scottie Barnes also suffered a left hand injury on the same night, highlighting a series of unfortunate events for NBA players. Westbrook’s absence from the game against the Wizards did not deter the Clippers from securing a commanding 25-point victory, showcasing the team’s resilience in the face of adversity.

Despite Westbrook’s injury, the Clippers rallied behind strong performances from Kyle Kuzma and Poole to secure the win. James Harden led the team with an impressive 28 points and eight assists, while Kawhi Leonard and Paul George also contributed significantly to the victory. The team’s strong shooting performance, coupled with solid defensive efforts, helped them bounce back from a two-game losing streak.

Moving forward, the Clippers will look to maintain their momentum as they face the Minnesota Timberwolves in their next game. With a 38-20 record for the season, the Clippers remain focused on solidifying their position in the Western Conference standings. Westbrook’s absence will undoubtedly present challenges for the team, but the Clippers are determined to overcome the setback and continue their pursuit of success in the NBA.