Woman brutally murdered over $65 debt that she owed her killers

RIVERDALE, IL – Three individuals have been arrested and charged over the brutal beating, stabbing, and burning of a woman in a dispute over money in south suburban Riverdale earlier this month. The horrific incident left the victim, Danielle Banks, 29, unrecognizable and dead on the street around 3 a.m. on Dec. 9.

Scotty Jobe-Scott, 30, Keith Bassett, 55, and Latoya Laramore-Milons, 39, are now facing felony counts of first-degree murder. According to Cook County prosecutors, the trio killed Banks, reportedly over a sum of $65 she owed them.

Details from court filings reveal a gruesome scene where Banks was relentlessly beaten, leading to her eye falling out of its socket, stabbed, and then set on fire. Investigations show that Laramore-Milons had allegedly searched “murder and burned body” on her mobile device before the crime took place.

After her death, local law enforcement sought assistance from the public to identify Banks, utilizing the images of a watch she had been wearing and the description of a tattoo.

Banks’ father, Ray Banks, expressed gratitude for the closure his family needed before the holidays. He shared fond memories of his deceased daughter, describing her as a “lively, spiffy, lovely young lady” who loved singing and dancing. He also shared that his daughter had been struggling with drug addiction. Through this painful personal experience, he urged anyone suffering from addiction to seek help, emphasizing the numerous rehab centers available that offer free service.

The three suspects, all detained until trial, are scheduled to reappear in court on Jan. 3.