Woman escapes abusive boyfriend after being held captive for days

A woman in North Harris County managed to escape from her boyfriend’s home last Thursday after enduring days of captivity and abuse. The 62-year-old victim sought refuge at her neighbor’s house, where she revealed that her boyfriend had prevented her from leaving. She had visible injuries, including cuts above her eye and legs, as well as bruises. Stacey Poindexter, the woman’s best friend, disclosed that the abuser had been wielding an ax and repeatedly beating her in the face. This shocking incident sheds light on the prevalence of domestic violence and the urgent need for justice.

According to local authorities, the victim had been living with her boyfriend, Thomas Abercrombie III, for the past two years. The couple met at a bar and began dating before Abercrombie moved into the woman’s home off Glenwillow Dr. in Tomball. Stacey Poindexter, a close friend of the victim for over five decades, noticed signs of abuse early on in their relationship.

Poindexter expressed her concern, stating that her friend rarely left the house due to her fear of Abercrombie. Disturbed by the visible bruises on her friend’s face, Poindexter contacted the authorities and filed multiple wellness checks with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

The situation escalated dramatically in the past week when Abercrombie pulled out a gun and threatened to kill the victim. For four agonizing days, she was held captive without access to food or water. However, she managed to escape while Abercrombie was asleep and sought help from a neighbor. The authorities were promptly alerted and took the woman in for medical treatment.

A 12-hour standoff ensued between the police and Abercrombie, who was eventually apprehended while hiding in the attic. He now faces criminal charges, including aggravated assault against a family member with an enhancement of violating a protective order.

In addition to the abuse suffered by the victim, investigators from the Houston SPCA discovered deplorable conditions inside the house. They rescued four tortoises and three dogs, highlighting the need for animal welfare intervention in such cases. Stacey Poindexter expressed her relief that her best friend survived the ordeal and expressed hope that justice would be served. She fervently wishes for Abercrombie to remain incarcerated and for their lives to be free from further harm.