Woman faces vicious dog attack

FORT DODGE, IA – A harrowing incident unfolded in Fort Dodge, Iowa, as Brittany Skoland fell victim to a savage attack by three pit bulls. The aftermath of the attack left her without both legs and in need of facial reconstruction surgery.

On November 24, a neighbor’s frantic call alerted the police to the horrifying scene at Skoland’s residence. Despite the officers’ immediate attempts to intervene, the dogs remained undeterred, forcing one officer to fatally shoot the dogs in order to save Skoland.

Skoland’s injuries were so severe that she was first rushed to Unity Point Trinity Medical Center, then airlifted to Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines for emergency treatment.

The attack resulted in Skoland losing both her legs and parts of her hands. Additionally, she suffered severe facial damage that will necessitate reconstructive surgery. Skoland’s aunt, Teresa Hanus, shared the grim details of her niece’s injuries.

In the wake of this tragic event, Skoland’s family has initiated a fundraising campaign to help finance her recovery and make necessary modifications to her home, including a wheelchair ramp and widened doorways.

The police are still investigating the circumstances of the attack, and no charges have been filed as of yet.