Woman finds bank robbery suspect hiding in her house

ROSWELL, GA – A 27-year-old man suspected of a Truist Bank robbery was discovered inside the home of Gwynne Ketcham. Roswell Police revealed that he was hiding in her house for hours without her knowing.

The bank robbery occurred on Monday afternoon, with police subsequently developing a suspect description and identifying his vehicle. On Tuesday, officers found the vehicle after its license plate was flagged on East Crossville Road and initiated a traffic stop. However, the suspect chose to evade custody and led the police on a chase, culminating in a car crash off Mountain Park Road. He ran away after the crash took place.

An extensive manhunt ensued in the adjoining neighborhoods, including Ketcham’s residence. The search was scaled back later in the evening.

Ketcham, while aware of the chase, didn’t suspect he was still in her vicinity. She busied herself with her duties toward her foster and adoptive cats. Assuming the suspect was no longer a threat, Ketcham left her house for a while. Her absence provided an opportunity for the suspect to break into her home. She returned home unsuspecting, went about her chores, and went to bed late.

Upon hearing a noise, which she thought was a knock on the door, Ketcham got up to investigate. Finding all her cats missing, she checked her husband’s office where she found an intruder lying on the floor.

Shaken but silent, Ketcham planned an escape through the garage. Catching sight of another person near her front door, who later turned out to be a police officer, she got into her locked vehicle. From there, she dialed 911.

The officer was allowed in, others joined him, and they arrested the suspect.

Ketcham thinks he broke a kitchen window to enter her home while she was away and was with her in the house for around five hours. The suspect also left behind a trail of evidence by using Ketcham’s computer to order a ride and checking his Gmail account. The police traced him down to Ketcham’s residence just when she came downstairs after discovering him.

As per Roswell police, the suspect is facing charges of armed robbery and criminal trespass. He is also likely linked to several other armed robberies throughout metro Atlanta.