Woman steals patrol car, 3 people killed in high-speed police chase

SILVER SPRINGS, FL – An attempted car theft ended in a deadly crash following a high-speed police chase through Marion County on Thursday. The woman accused of initiating the drama, as well as two bystanders, were killed.

Authorities from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said they were called to the Forest Plaza on East Highway 40 in Silver Springs in response to an attempted car theft. It was at around 2 p.m. when Kendra Boone, 34, allegedly tried to steal a car from an elderly woman. When she was unsuccessful, she proceeded to search for different means to stage her theft.

As Deputy Witte directed Boone towards the back of his patrol vehicle, she made her move. According to police reports, Boone unexpectedly jumped into the patrol car from the passenger’s side, shifted over to the driver’s seat, and sped off.

Deputy Barnes arrived on the scene just as Boone was making her getaway, and a dramatic chase ensued. Boone led Barnes amidst traffic down East Highway 40 before executing a U-turn near a weigh station just west of Highway 19.

As more deputies joined in, plans were laid to use stop sticks to hinder Boone’s progress. However, Boone, reaching speeds over 100 mph, executed another U-turn before reaching the stop sticks. Racing back along Highway 40, she drove on the shoulder to pass a semi-truck but lost control upon switching back onto the highway.

Police reports confirmed Boone swerved into the oncoming lane, crashing directly into a black pickup truck hosting three passengers. Boone and two of the pick-up truck passengers died at the scene. The third occupant was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition.

The Florida Highway Patrol is still investigating the matter.