Wrestling Lawyer Demand More After Vince McMahon’s Resignation – WWE Culture Exposed

STAMFORD, Connecticut – Former WWE CEO Vince McMahon’s recent resignation from his executive positions at TKO Group Holdings and WWE comes in the midst of a sexual assault and trafficking lawsuit filed against him by former employee Janel Grant. Grant’s attorney, Ann Callis, expressed that McMahon’s resignation is not sufficient in addressing the toxic culture of corruption alleged in the lawsuit. Instead, they hope the lawsuit will prompt positive change within the WWE and encourage other victims to come forward.

The lawsuit also includes allegations against John Laurinaitis and an unnamed Superstar, believed to be Brock Lesnar, shedding light on the toxic culture within the WWE at that time. Callis stated that her client felt like a prisoner, and multiple staff members allowed it to happen. She also mentioned that since the lawsuit became public, several people have reached out to offer support and attest to the culture of corruption within WWE.

WWE has taken steps to distance itself from McMahon, by removing all mention of his name from its profile page and federal prosecutors have initiated an investigation. Additionally, Brock Lesnar’s merchandise has been removed from the WWE Shop, and he is no longer being considered in the company’s creative plans. In response to the allegations, a spokesperson for McMahon vehemently defended him, stating that the lawsuit is filled with lies and vindictive distortions of the truth.

As the legal battle unfolds, it is essential to recognize the prevalence of sexual assault and offer support for victims. Organizations like the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network provide crucial resources for those in need, and it is important to raise awareness about the available help for victims of sexual assault.