A 16-year-old arrested for armed robberies in Las Vegas was on probation in California

LAS VEGAS, NV – A teenager from Sacramento, California, currently under probation, has been implicated in a series of armed robberies in Las Vegas, as per local reports. The 16-year-old, whose probation terms restrict him from leaving his hometown, is accused of four robberies over a five-month period. The targets were three CVS pharmacies in and around Las Vegas, with prescription drugs such as fentanyl, Adderall, and OxyContin being the primary items stolen.

Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney Kimberly Adams expressed her concern during a juvenile court hearing on September 11. She highlighted the potential danger of these drugs being sold in the community, leading to possible overdoses. The robberies not only threatened the lives of pharmacy workers but also put the wider community at risk.

The accused teenager was already serving probation for conspiracy and illegal possession of firearms. In addition to the Las Vegas robberies, he is also suspected of another CVS robbery in Seattle, Washington. Three of the crimes were committed on the same day, February 8, with the fourth one targeting one of the previously hit stores on July 8.

The July 8 robbery led to the suspect’s arrest when pharmacy workers cleverly hid a tracking device among the stolen pills. The device led the police straight to the teenager’s residence, as mentioned in court documents.

The suspect, during his hearing, claimed that he was planning to find employment to support his newborn child. His defense attorney attributed his client’s issues to a lack of education, drug influence, and negative influences in his life. Despite the attorney’s arguments against transferring the case to adult court, the judge ruled otherwise. The teenager is expected to be tried as an adult.