A child molester’s cult suspected in six missing persons cases

BERKELEY, MO – Six individuals from Missouri, reported missing since August, are suspected to have been enticed into a cult, according to local authorities. The group is allegedly led by Rashad Jamal, a convicted child molester currently serving an 18-year sentence in Georgia. Jamal, once a rapper, now presents himself as an online spiritual guide through his platform, the University of Cosmic Intelligence.

Berkeley Police have expressed their belief that the missing persons have become disciples of Jamal. His digital platform is aimed at “enlightening and illuminating the minds of the carbonated beings, a.k.a your so-called Black & Latino people of Earth,” according to the website.

Relatives of the missing individuals are desperate for information. Shelita Gibson, mother and grandmother to two of the missing, expressed her yearning for assurance of their well-being. Gibson’s daughter, Gerielle German, 26, and her 3-year-old grandson, Ashton Mitchell, were last seen in August at a local hotel along with the other four missing individuals.

The group, which also includes Naaman Williams, 29, Mikayla Thompson, 23, Ma’Kayla Wickerson, 25, and her 3-year-old daughter, Malaiyah, had been residing in a rented house in Berkeley prior to their disappearance. Wickerson’s mother, Cartisha Morgan, believes her daughter may have been vulnerable due to postpartum depression, making her an easy target for the cult.

Despite the allegations, Jamal denies being a cult leader. In a recent interview, he refuted the accusations, claiming that his teachings are merely shared through online lectures and that he has no personal knowledge of his followers. He also maintains his innocence regarding the molestation charges, attributing them to a child custody dispute.