A Family man killed at his doorstep was actually a hitman according to interpol

SÃO PAULO, BR – A Serbian man, who met a violent end in Brazil last week, has now been identified as a notorious contract killer wanted by Interpol. The man had been living in the shadows under a fake Slovenian identity, as revealed by the lead investigator, Luiz Ricardo Lara Dias Jr.

The deceased, named Darko Geisler, 43, was identified by local police after liaising with the Slovenian consulate in São Paulo. They discovered that the passport found on Geisler was stolen from a Slovenian citizen in 2017.

Further probing led to the revelation that Geisler was a feared hitman from Serbia, wanted in Montenegro for several murders and illegal possession of weapons and explosives. Montenegrin authorities corroborated these findings.

Geisler had been hiding in Brazil for almost a decade, after fleeing Montenegro post a high-profile murder in 2014. His trail went cold until his recent death.

After settling in Brazil, Geisler married and moved to Santos in 2015 or 2016. His wife professed ignorance of his true identity. Geisler was known to be a devoted family man, often seen dropping his son off at school and interacting with local parents, despite his limited Portuguese.

Geisler’s life came to a sudden halt when an unknown masked gunman shot him at point-blank range as he was returning home from a family bike ride. The shooter escaped in a black car, leaving no clues behind.

The hunt for Geisler’s killer is ongoing, with Brazilian police leading the investigation. Both Brazilian and Montenegrin authorities are working together to solve the case, with Geisler’s criminal history being a possible motive for his murder.