Teen violently attacked by man with a machete

AUSTIN, TX – Recovering from an unimaginable ordeal, Seth Gott, a 19-year-old man, recounts how he was brutally attacked with a machete while walking on a trail at Auditorium Shores in Austin. The incident took place on Tuesday morning, leaving Gott with severe, life-threatening injuries.

While recounting the incident, Gott noted that he was taken by surprise, stating that it was almost like a “crazy dream.” He explained that at first, he didn’t realize the gravity of the situation, likening the machete strikes to hits from a “blunt stick.” Eventually, after repeated hits, he began to realize the severity of the situation.

Law enforcement stated that the alleged attacker, Ashton Kaine Talley, had apparently taken an Uber from Kyle to the park. Following the attack, he was detained near the Seaholm district. As per the police, the machete used in the assault was discarded in Lady Bird Lake as Talley crossed the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge. Talley has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault, with bail set at over a million dollars.

Gott’s injuries were severe, including near amputation of his left hand, deep cuts on his face, head, and legs, and substantial damage to his right hand. As of Thursday, doctors have managed to reattach his hand and have initiated the process of mending his fingers.

Passersby who had responded immediately to stop his bleeding significantly contributed to his survival. Seth’s mother, Dusty Colquitt, airlifted from North Dakota, has been by his side and expressed immense gratitude to those who saved her son’s life.

Despite the horrifying incident, both Seth Gott and his mother are using their experience to advocate for improved mental healthcare. Gott expressed sympathy towards his attacker.