Amateur bomb maker, who researched mass shootings, handed 14-year sentence

BURLESON, TX – A Texas resident, self-taught in the creation and detonation of illicit explosives, has been handed a 14-year prison sentence after admitting to charges of child pornography and weapons possession in July.

Noah Robert Calderon, 22, was sentenced on Friday by U.S. District Judge Reed C. O’Connor. In addition to his prison term, Calderon has been ordered to undergo 30 years of supervised release following his incarceration.

In October 2022, the FBI received an anonymous tip-off about Calderon’s online activities. It was revealed that he had a morbid fascination with mass shootings, including the infamous 1999 Columbine massacre. Calderon had also allegedly posted images of himself brandishing rifles and sporting tactical vests.

Further information was received in March, indicating that Calderon had set off a homemade bomb in his local neighborhood. An analysis of Calderon’s internet search history revealed extensive research on public schools in his vicinity.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) confirmed that Calderon’s search history included queries related to the Columbine shooters, the Charleston church shooter, and instructions on creating pipe and propane bombs. Calderon also confessed to storing about 660 grams of explosive powder, a lighter, cannon fuse, cardboard tubing, and a glass jar labeled ‘frag’ containing metal ball bearings and lead in his garage.

As the investigation progressed, explicit videos involving a 13-year-old girl were discovered on Calderon’s phone. Calderon admitted he was aware of the girl’s age when he saved the videos.

Dallas FBI Special Agent in Charge, Chad Yarbrough, lauded the community’s role in Calderon’s sentencing. He stated that the information shared by the community highlighted a clear path to potential violence, which was successfully thwarted by law enforcement, leading to multiple federal charges against Calderon.