**Android 14 Update**: Pixel Devices Receive April Security Patch with Critical Fixes – Find Out Which Models are Included

San Francisco, CA – The latest Android 14 April security patch has started rolling out today for a range of Google Pixel devices. This release, following on from last month’s QPR2 update, addresses a total of 8 security issues, with fixes ranging from high to critical severity. In addition to the generic security patches, Google has also provided a dedicated bulletin specifically for its devices, detailing 25 additional security fixes for global builds.

One crucial aspect of the April security patch is the resolution of vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited, such as CVE-2024-29745 and CVE-2024-29748. Google has warned that these vulnerabilities, particularly concerning the bootloader and Pixel firmware, may be under targeted exploitation.

The update, which is approximately 29.84 MB in size for the Pixel 8, includes a number of key fixes and improvements across various areas of the device. For example, biometric issues causing a black screen during screen unlock have been addressed for the Pixel 5a device. In terms of camera stability, fixes have been implemented to prevent issues when switching between different zoom levels and transitioning from photo to video mode.

Google has provided a device key to help users interpret the changelog for their specific Pixel model. This includes information for devices ranging from the Pixel 5a to the Pixel Fold, highlighting the specific fixes and improvements relevant to each model. Overall, the April security patch aims to enhance the performance and security of Pixel devices for users.

In conclusion, the Android 14 April security patch brings a range of important fixes and improvements for Google Pixel devices. By addressing critical security vulnerabilities and enhancing various aspects of device functionality, Google continues to prioritize the safety and performance of its products through regular updates and patches. Users are encouraged to install the latest update to ensure their devices are protected and operating at their best.