Atlanta grandma killed in senseless shooting while holding her grandchild

ATLANTA, GA – Fatal gunfire struck a quiet neighborhood in southwest Atlanta when a 57-year-old grandmother, Andrea Brown, lost her life in a senseless shooting inside her home. Atlanta Police responded to the incident on Highview Road at approximately 5 a.m. on Tuesday. Shockingly, the house was occupied by four to five individuals at the time, including children as young as three months old.

According to Atlanta Police, while the house was seemingly targeted, Andrea was an innocent victim in this devastating incident. Patrick Joly, who resides across the street from the scene of the shooting, vividly described the moment. The gunfire broke the silence of the early morning, awakening Joly from his sleep. He recounted hearing rapid and consecutive shots, estimating about six or seven in total. Concerns for the safety of his own daughter and granddaughter immediately crossed his mind, as their bedrooms faced the front of the house.

Joly’s heightened senses led him to hear a woman’s cry and the sound of a barking dog. Soon after, the distant wailing of police sirens pierced the air. Several neighbors noted that Andrea’s home had been a hub of activity, characterized by noise and visitors. Kimberly Brown-Mack, Andrea’s sister, shed light on her sister’s role as a caretaker. She highlighted Andrea’s lifelong dedication to looking after family members, children, and standing in the gap during challenging times.

Brown-Mack explained how Andrea would take anyone in, especially young people in need. Tragically, Andrea was holding her three-month-old grandchild, named Chosen, when the shots rang out. This final interaction with her grandchild became a poignant moment as Andrea’s protective instincts inadvertently saved the baby’s life. Brown-Mack emphasized her sister’s kindness and selflessness, describing her as someone who would give her last for others.

As investigators work diligently to unravel the circumstances surrounding Andrea’s tragic death, Atlanta Police Homicide Commander Germaine Dearlove emphasized the importance of justice. Dearlove asserted that the city could not tolerate individuals responsible for such heinous acts to roam freely. Currently, investigators believe one to two suspects intentionally fired into the home from the street, inadvertently taking Andrea’s life. The search for those responsible is ongoing.