Vegas sugar daddy gets a nasty surprise

LAS VEGAS, NV – When luxury met deception in the neon heart of Las Vegas, a gentleman in his prime years found himself outwitted by a younger acquaintance he’d met on the “Seeking” dating platform. A site formerly know as Seeking Arrangement for sugar daddies and their muse to connect.

Drawn by Hailey McNally’s youthful charm, the man was ready for a grand weekend, gifting her $2,500 and tickets to a live U2 performance. McNally had other plans. Under the guise of a restroom break, McNally allegedly pilfered $50,000 in cash and $7,000 of poker chips from her date’s suite in the illustrious Caesars Palace.

Law enforcement was quick to act, charging McNally with hefty counts of grand larceny and burglary. Their initial encounter was on the unlucky Friday, October 13, and the weekend was filled with revelry, including a gambling stint where the young woman secured a neat $3,100 win.

Details emerged of McNally gaining access to the man’s safe under the pretext of storing her handbag. Her sudden departure during the concert raised alarms, and the eventual empty safe painted a grim picture.

Using the casino’s eye-in-the-sky, the police swiftly traced McNally. While she alleged misconduct on her date’s part, she couldn’t explain away the $11,700 cash and $5,200 poker chips found with her. The fate of the rest of the funds remains clouded in intrigue.

Currently out on bail, McNally’s next court appearance is slated for November 22.