Biker gang arrested in Georgia on criminal conspiracy charges

Law enforcement’s months-long investigation into the Outcast Motorcycle Club, an alleged 1-percenter gang based in the Atlanta area, culminated in a 45-count indictment of sixteen members in June 2022. The lengthy charges cover a multitude of offenses, including alleged surveillance of, and violent behavior toward, rival gangs.

The charges stem from months of activity across the southeast, beginning with a September 2021 incident where Outcasts allegedly chased a member of the Chosen Few gang through three counties. It’s further alleged that in April 2022, the gang then crashed a meeting of the Southeastern Georgia Motorcycle Club Association and asserted their dominance of the region. This was followed by a shootout at a crowded motel on Highway 17 in Richmond Hill, 22 miles southwest of Savannah.

According to the indictment, the Outcasts tracked and intimidated the eight Chosen Few members to the Red Roof Inn. Gunfire erupted, injuring an unidentified person who had to be taken to a hospital. Law enforcement says this put numerous bystanders in danger in the parking lot shared with McDonald’s, Arby’s, a gas station and other businesses.

The 13-month investigation led to the arrest of twelve people during a rival Daytona, Florida-based gang’s shootout in Augusta, as well as the seizure of $180,000 in cash, 71 weapons, two motorcycles, and two cars. Through it all, authorities hope to put an end to the criminal enterprise and the put an end to gang activity in the region.

The suspects, including chapter President Melaun “Do Wurk” Aiken face a 21 counts of violating Georgia’s Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, 11 counts of aggravated assault, seven counts of armed robbery, and numerous conspiracy charges in the indictment.